Otto Mears

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Otto Mears

Otto Mears


Sadly, I visted Colorado for my last time in 1929 and two years later in 1931 I died.


Hi! I'm Otto Mears. I'm a famous coloradoan.I was born in Kurland, Russia, 1840. By the time I was 3, I was an orphan. My mother died when I was 2 and my father died just a year later. My dad was from England and my mom was from Russia.

Hi I'm Otto Mears. I retired in California in 1917 after a long life working with a army genral and being a peace keeper with the Native Americans.


Hi! I am Otto Mears and I became friends with the Ute indians really fast. I felt bad for the Ute indians. They were geting treated like dirt by the whites so I started to help them. I learned there culture and became best friends with Cheif Ouray but cheif ouray had to go to Washington D.C to visit some friends so I went with him to Washington D.C. It was a long ride but I was happy to go with him.

Other Stuff...

Finding the San Juan Mountains:Down in the mines,traveling for gold,I had found something spectacular,something called the San Juan Mts. Deep inside, I knew this would get me a wife and rich. I had now found my own mountains and began to buld toll roads on them.The Utes moved out and money moved in. I began charging for my roads. I had bult more and more on the San Juans.



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