Otto Hahn: Discovering Nuclear Fission

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Otto Hahn: Discovering Nuclear Fission

"At the end of 1907, Dr. Lise Meitner came to Berlin from Vienna and then began more than thirty years' collaboration. Their joint work embraced: investigations on beta-rays, their absorbability, magnetic spectra, etc.; use of the radioactive recoil, discovered shortly before by Hahn, to obtain new radioactive transformation products."

"His most spectacular discovery came at the end of 1938. While working jointly with Dr. Strassmann, Hahn discovered the fission of uranium and thorium in medium heavy atomic nuclei and his first work on these subjects appeared on 6th January and 10th February, 1939, in Naturwissenschaften. Since that time and until 1944 Hahn continued investigation on the proof and separation of many elements and kinds of atoms which arise through fission."

Otto Hahn

Discovering Nuclear Fission







Otto Hahn died on July 28, 1968

"From 1897 Hahn studied chemistry at Marburg and Munich, taking his doctorate examination in 1901 at Marburg and submitting to Professor Theodor Zincke a thesis on organic chemistry."

Otto Hahn was born on 8th March, 1879, at Frankfurt-on-Main. His mother was Charlotte Stutzmann-Hahn. His father isn't named.

Otto Hahn is born

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