Otto Frank

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Otto Frank

Status:A1S1: I'm taking my family in hiding we can't carry suitcases it will make us suspicious we are going to take the Van Daans and their son peter.Reason: I wrote this status because in the story the father has to take his family and another family in hiding and they couldn't have suitcases.

Status: A1S2: They are here we have to stay quite so they won't catch us we have to stay quite for 10 hours.Reason:I put this because in that scene they have to sit still and quite for 10 hours or the police will catch them.

Status:A1S3 P.1: Anne just argued with Mr. Van Daan we are getting tired of being tucked away.Reason: I put this status because in the scene they were fighting and they were all getting tired of being with each other all the time.

Status:A1S4: Anne is having nightmares she has been screaming in the middle of the night she could give us away.Reason: I put this status because Anne has been having nightmares and mr. Frank was trying to calm her down and let her go back to sleep.

Status:A2S4: They found us they are giving us time to gather our thing we are going to be seperated.Reason: I put this status because the main thing that happened was them getting dscovered by the nazi's

Status:A2S5: They have taken us away we have been discovered.Reason: The reason why i out this sttus was because in that seen they have already been arrest and taken from their hiding spot

Otto Frank

Status:A1S5: We are celebrating a holiday and giving each other gifts so we can forget for a second about the war.Reason: I put this status because they were all so happy because they were celebrating a holiday.

Status:A2S2: We are all worried about Mr. Kraler we heard he is in the hospital I hope he's alright.Reason: i put this quote because in this scene Mr. Frank was not in and it said in this scene that everybody was on edge because Mr. Kraler was sick.

Status:A2S3: Mr Van Daan has just tried to steal food from us Edith wants him out for stealling food that could be going to the kids.Reason: I put thi status because the main thing that happened in that scene was Mr. Van Daan trying to steal food again.

Facts:Mr. Frank was the only one to survive. He published Anne's diary


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