[2015] Shalika Sangras: Ottawa By SHAIKA and SIA

by mitkoff
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Social Studies
American History

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[2015] Shalika Sangras: Ottawa By SHAIKA and SIA

Ottawa women wore long dresses in the summer. They wore robes of rabbit skin in the winter. Ottawa men wore a cloak throughout the year.

Ottawa people lived in villages with birchbark houses. These houses were called waginogans or wigwams.

Ottawa Tribe

The Ottawa live inMichigan State, by th Maumee River, and westto the AppalichianMountains.

Other tribes found in the Ottawa area are Pottawatomie, Chippewa,Sauck,Mascoutens, and the Iroquios nation.

The Creators:SHALIKA and SIA

Ottawa hunters used tools like arrows, clubs, and bows.



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