Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

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Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

Bobby Egran's room

This book is the sequel of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. The story takes place in Tarrytown, New York. The main characters are Sheila Tubman and Mouse Ellis. Peter Hatcher, the main character of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, also appears with his dog, Turtle. Like Peter, Sheila lives in New York City, but is spending the summer in Tarrytown with her family.The Tubman family is taking care of the Egran house while Sheila's dad's coworker's family goes to London.

By Judy Blume

Characters and setting

What happened first

The story begins with Sheila and her family arriving in Tarrytown. Sheila meets a dog named Jennifer, sees her own bedroom, and finds out the Egrans have 3 sons. Sheila does not like dogs, but her family needs to take care of Jennifer for the summer. Sheila was expecting a pretty girl's room, but she got a boy's room. These things make her feel like she's going to have a bad summer. Things start to look up when Sheila makes a new friend, Mouse.

Then what happened...

At the end, Sheila found out that she did have a great summer after all. She realized she could learn how to swim after all. When she left Tarrytown, she was happy to go back to New York City, but she was sad to leave Mouse, Jane, and Sondra.

How did the story end?

Things get even better when Sheila meets more new friends, Jane and Sondra Van Arden. Then, Sheila, Mouse, Jane, and Sondra play hide and seek at Mouse's house.On the second round, the game had to end because Mrs. Ellis found Sheila hiding in her closet. But then, the Tubmans had to take Jennifer to the vet. The vet told them Jennifer was going to have puppies. Sheila also got much better at swimming, that Marty, her swim coach, thought Sheila was ready for the beginner's test in swimming.

Jennifer was going to have puppies.

Sheila returns home to her apartment building in New York City.


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