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Trust is the key. When there is even the slightest lack of trust, jealousy is given power. Iago noticed a little crack in Desdemona and Othello's "perfect relationship" and acted on it. Othello being insecure, listened to every word Iago had to say. Desdemona was a woman, she could not be trusted. Iago was his friend, why would he lie? There was no question who was right in Othello's mind. Iago betrayed a lot of people and was the cause of some charachter's deaths. When people are jealous they don't think straight, it's like being on a drug - something other than your own knowledge takes over and there's nothing you can do. This is how Iago was able to be so successful.


This picture to the right shows Iago's jealousy. It is written all over his face. In this picture Othello and Desdemona look happily in love and Iago hates that. Jealousy can drive people to extremes. The look on Iago's face, his hatred for the moor, drove him to the extremes.

Love and Betrayal

The video at the bottom showcases how jealousy can cause betrayal, and prove that sometimes love just isnt enough. Jeaslousy is such a predominant theme that it can destroy the love and create betrayal.

Book Citation

Shakespeare, William. "Othello." Literature The Human Experience Reaing and Writing. 9th ed. Boston/New York: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2007. 824-915. Print.

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