othello the tragedy shakespeare

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othello the tragedy shakespeare

I am Othello a hero/ villian of my own story. I loved my wife (Desdemona) but killed her on suspicion of adultery.

This is my Desdesmona in one of the last acts in my play . She was the daughter to the count of venice,, this is the last time we see her alive.

This is Roderigo he gets manipulated for being a fool and wanting to take my sweet Desdemona for himself. Iago ends up killing him in an epic battle. The fool was a victim of stupidity.

This is Iago the the epic Villian that takes adventage of everybody trust and love for him and manipulates it to his will.

Othello The Tragedy

Cassio was the man that Iago blamed everything on. He manupulated me to take his postion in the army Iago tried slience him the last act, but failed.

BIanca is Cassio whore that has a small part in Act III where she gives Cassio my handkerchief in front of me which caused me to go insane.

Iago wife the one person who reveals Iago plan to Othello but gets murdered for it she was also Desdemona's maid.

The Play The play starts off with Iago and Roderigo watching the secret marriage of Othello and Desdemona. From the very begining the author (Shakespeare) shows the addience the main villian (Iago) and the accomplises (Roderigo). The story continuies as Roderigo goes to tell Desdemona father the count of Venice, about the marriage at first the count was upset but then recanted his statement and agreed to accept Othello as his son-in-law. At this time Othello is assigned to Crypus to fight the turks over territory. At this time Iago comes up with a plan to ruin Othello love so that Rodrerigo can marry Desdemona and Iago and get his revenge for not getting a promotion. The next couple of days Iago manages to steal Othello wedding gift plant it on the new Officier that took his promotion and then blamed the officier (Cassio) of adultery with Desdemona. Othello see Cassio with the handkerchief . At this point murder is then contemplated in Othello mind and the end of the play is near. Cassio and Roderigo get into an epic inwhich they are both wounded but Iago finds Roderigo wounded and kills him to tie-the-lose -strings of his plan. AT this time Othello kill his wife for revenge and her maid Emelia walks in and explains Desdemona was innocent. Iago gets caught by his wifes testimony against him and for feel all that grief about killing his wife kills himself. The definition of a tragic play is "a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes in its audience an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in the viewing" and this fits every aspect of it.

Act IIt begins in the city of Venice, at night Roderigo is talking to Iago, about getting revenge on Othello about skipping over his promotion in the army. When he stubles about the scret wedding of Othello and the count of Venice daugther Desdemona . After Roderigo see this happening he runs to the counts house to wake him up and tell them that his daughter just married a poor black man . Her father goes to the town captian and pleds that Othello pay for his disrespect but then Othello pulls himeself out of the frying pan ad into grace. Desdemona 's father accept Othello as his son-in-law and then Othello gets sent to Cryprus by his Captian and Desdemona tags alongs because her cousin is the Duke of Cyprus.

Act III Act 3 starts with Cassio waiting to talk to Desdemona to see if he can recover some of the honor that he lost in Act II with his drunken fight in the streets. Iago see that Cassio is waiting for Desdemona and then comes up with a plan to rip Othello from Desdemona to let Roderigo win her, Iago then tells his wife (Emilia), Desdemona's handmaiden to steal Othello wedding gift and give it to him. Iago receives the stolen wedding gift and then plants it on Cassio at his house. Cassio gives the gift which is a handkrichef to his then lover/prostitue Brianna. Iago then goes to tell Othello that he saw Cassio courting his wife Desdemona and Desdemona had giving Othello wedding gift to Cassio. Othello starts to go crazy and refuses to belive Iago untill he specks to his wife and she says that she had seemed to miss placed the gift. The last straw was when he saw Cassio whore (Brianna) give the handkrichef to Cassio and Cassio wipes his brow with it.

Act II A storm hits the island of Cyprus and Othello is still out at sea the turk ships were destroyed by the storm. At this time Iago take this time while Othello is away to start his plan with his accomplise Roderigo . Iago starts off with getting a bottle of wine to and gets Cassio drunk and then at this time Roderigo goes in to fight him, The fight is broken up by Iago and Othello strips Cassio of his officier rank, and this time Iago gets promoted.

Act IV In this Act, Othello begins to go crazy with his own thoughts and starts plotting the death of his wife (Desdemona) and her supposive lover Cassio. In public Othello starts to act erratic in public. The big issue was when Othello slaps Desdemona at her cousins party and basically calls her a whore in front of everyone in the event. He then storms out of the event finds Iago and they plot how they both are gonna kill Cassio and his wife Desdemona. The plan is talk out and all there is to do on Iago part is to manuplate Roderigo into kill Cassio so his hands are clean.

Act V Act V begins with Rodregio and Iago posed to attack Cassio, this benefits Iago because he wants both dead so when the fight brecks out Iago sits back and watches them kill eachother. During the mean time Othello hears the fight outside and takes it as he's "Q" to start his own killiing. Othello wakes his wife and tells her of her crime (in which she is totally innocent of) she pleads a little at first, then Othello tells her to chant her last prayer he didnt want to kill a sinner, she frecks out knowing he is serious, and then he grabs a pillow and kills her. At this time the fight between Roderigo and Cassio is over, they both live Iago takes this time to stab Roderigo a couple of times and was about to stab Cassio untill the guard comes to see all the nosie. The guards gather Cassio and Roderigo to the medical room and then Iago fellows the guards giving a report to them of what "he saw" in the fight. When Iago finds his wife he tells her to go get Othello to explain to him that Cassio was attacked. When Emilia come up to wake Othello she hears Desdemona cry for help and runs in to find Othello has killed her. Emilia then asked him why he killed her, he said for adultery the rest of the act is Othello finding out Iago has lied to him the whole time Othello stabs Iago and then kills himself but not after Emilia dies for tell Othello the truth of what happened.

RaceRace is a factor in this tragic tale from the very begining of the story Othello had issues marrying Desdemona because he was a poor black man. When he is in Cyprus people are shocked to see a poor black solider with the count of venice's daughter desplaying there love so openly. When Rodregio finds out that Othello married his love he lets out his hate for blacks, also when Desdemona's father find out and tells Othello's Captain about the secret marriage he calls Othello a big nosed monkey. Race plaged this story from the very core. Its half the reasons the villains targeted Othello in the first place.

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