Ote'a (tahitian dancing)

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Ote'a (tahitian dancing)

Ote'a Dancing(Tahitian dance)

Fast Facts *Tahitian dancing is another way to tell a story with your hands, you face expression and your hips *Female hula dancers usually wear colorful tops and skirts with lei adornments*traditionally, men were just as likely to perform the hula.

this is what a guy would sorta look like as a tahitian dancer

a traditional dance from Tahiti characterized by a rapid hip-shaking motion to percussion accompaniment. The dancers, standing in several rows, may be further choreographed to execute different figures (including box, figure 8, circles, and half circles) while maintaining the hip-shaking. The hip motion itself may in some choreographies be synchronized amongst multiple dancers and may be further coordinated with the accompanying percussion arrangement.The dance is with music only (drums) at a fast rhythm, and no singing. The drum can be one of the different types of the tōʻere, a lying log of wood with a longitudinal slit, which is struck by one or two sticks. Additional drum types accompanying the dance may include the pahu (the ancient Tahitian, standing drum covered with a shark skin and struck by the hands or with sticks) played at a slower rhythm, or the smaller faʻatētē drum.

In this video it shows a little girl singing a tahitian lullabye and it also shows a bunch of girls hula dancing

In this video it shows a bunch of men telling a story with their and their face

this is the type of music they dance too.

this right here is me cousin Demi


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