OT Scavenger Hunt

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Social Studies

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OT Scavenger Hunt

Where did the Orphan Train movement begin?

What two organizations started the Orphan trains?

In what year did the Orphan Train movement begin?

What was the destination of the first train that left New York City?

What year did the orphan trains stop running?

How many children lived on the streets of New York when the orphan trains started?

What names were given to the children who rode the orphan trains?

Each train on the tracks links to a web page with information about the orphan trains. Use the information found on the web pages and the story of "Albion's Little Drummer Boy" to answer the questions below. Go to MOODLE and open the Orphan Train Scavenger Hunt to record your answers.

Name 5 states where the orphans were taken on the orphan trains?

What is the difference between a true orphan and a half-orphan?

Name 3 factors that led to the large number of children living on the streets of New York.

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