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: cancerous tumor found in a bone that usually developts during periods of rapid growth.

Signs/symptoms: + Bone pain +Bone swelling + Local pain + Local swelling + affected bone is not as strong as normal bones (possible fracture) +Stiffness/swelling of joints

Cause: + There is no known cause. + Enviromental factors, such as ionizing radiation, may trigger it. + Inactivation of Rb

Tests:+Blood Test+Bone Test+CT Scan (of chest or affected area)+X-Ray+Open Biopsy

Complications: +Tumor may spread to the lungs (Pulmonary Metastasis)

Risks: +Retinoblastoma (tumor in the retina) +Li-Fraumeni syndrome (genetic mutation) +Exposure to radiation --> genetic mutation

+Fractured bone

Osteosarcoma are most common in these areas: + Shin (closest to knee) +Thigh (closest to knee) +Arm (closest to shoulder)Osteosarcoma is most commonly found in the larger bones, and in the area of bone with fastest growth rate.

Treatment: +Surgery (tumor removal, amputation, implant placement) +Radiation Therapy + Chemotheraphy (cancer-fighting drugs, follwed by tumor removal surgery)

Emotional Support is a NECESSITY!


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