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A common disease where the density in your bones is reduced. This makes your bones at increased risk for fractures. The more your bone mass reduces the more porous they become. This allows little holes to form which makes your bones weak.



In Osteoporosis you lose bone faster than your body grows new bone. There are two main cells in your bones osteoclast and osteoplast... over use of the osteoclast cells is another cause of osteoporosis.


Symptoms include:swelling, joint pain, off balence and frequent fractures.Signs include:If your low on calcium or vitamin D and a dual energy x-ray (DXA and DEXA)

Signs and Symptoms

Osteopororsis isn't that easily to diagnosed. At first many may think that its normal to have swelling or joint pain every once in a while. Even after they fracture a bone 0r two they most likley think it doesnt mean anything. Usually after multiple fractures they then talk to there doctor and get x-rays. Regular x-rays can't measure bone density so they need to have dual energy x-rays done (DXA/DEXA)


Osteoporosis has no cure but many treatment options. These include pills, nasal spray, injection, and IV. Which one you use is usually based off how severe your osteoporosis is and your personal preference. Nurishing your body with vitamin D and exercising regularly are good ways to prevent or stop osteoporosis from advancing.


Osteoporosis causes people to be highly at risk for fractures usually in your hips, spine, and wrist. It can also cause joint pain and swelling.



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