[2015] Odeth Guzman (Anatomy Physiology): Osteoporosis

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[2015] Odeth Guzman (Anatomy  Physiology): Osteoporosis


Picture links: Osteoporosis vs. Healthy Bone: Affects on Vertebra: Stages of Osteoporosis: Hipbone vs. Osteoporotic Hipbone:

Osteoporosis is the disease in which bones become fragile due to the deficiency of calcium or vitamin D and tissue loss. This disease often occurs as a result of hormonal changes.

I chose these pictures because they help the reader see the differences between healthy bones and osteoporotic bones. With images of these bones side by side, you are able to compare and contrast the way this disease affects our bones.

Inforgraphic and Video links:Osteoporosis (Australia): Awareness and Prevention:

Extra links: * *

By: Odeth Guzman


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