[2015] jackie protexter: OSTEOMALACIA

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[2015] jackie protexter: OSTEOMALACIA


What is it?Osteomalacia is the softening of the bones, often caused by vitamin D deficiency. Bonesbecome more likey to bow and fracture compered to hard and healthy bones.

Symptoms-Muscle weakness-Bone Pain -Paresthesia-Hypocalcaemia

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Risk Factors -Anorexia nervosa-Antiseizure mdications-Cancers-Diet in little variety or strictly vegitarian-Diet low in dairy products-Diet low in phosphate-Diet low in Vitamin D -Environmental condtions (e,g, limited sunlight, smog)-Family history of vitamin D metabolism disorders-Kidney failure-Liver disease (including and liver porblems, hepaitis, cirrhosis, and liver failure)-Overuse of sunblock-Previous gastrectomy surgery( removal of stomach)

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Se habla espanol y gustaria informacion sobre osteomalacia cilc aqui



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