[2017] Jazmine Quiroz (Anatomy & Physiology): Osteoarthritis

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[2017] Jazmine Quiroz (Anatomy & Physiology): Osteoarthritis


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stiffness after long periods of rest, swelling in the joints after extended activity, leading to pain. It can affect hips, knees, fingers, and feet. Limited range of motion, cracking or clicking sounds when moving joints.

old age, having family members with OA, Obesity, Previous traumatic Joint injury or repetitive use (overuse) of joints, Joint deformity such as unequal leg length, bowlegs or knocked knee

physical activity, weight management, stretching, pain and anti-inflammatory medication, physical and occupational therapy, assistive devices such as knee brace, shoe wedges prescribed by doctor. Surgery or positive attitude

Plenty of rest and sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, exercise and control blood sugar.

Long-term, for life

Any gender, race may get OA. It usually starts after the age of 40; however, it may start at an earlier age.

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Jazmine Q. & Andrea E.



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