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The Process of Ossification

Animation of endochondral ossification

Osteogenesis (sometimes called ossification) is the process of bone formation and growth. This process occurs in two ways: endochondral - within a cartilage model, and intramembranous - within flat sheets. The process happens before birth but continues throughout a person's lifetime.

Intramembranous ossification:This picture displays intramembranous ossification which takes place in cranium. The upper surface displays an invagination in the epithelium. This invagination is the preliminary stage of a hair follicle.Towards the surface on the opposite side we can see "islands of bone". Embedded in these islands there are a few osteocytes. They reside inside small cavities called lacunae.The surface of these bony islands is covered by osteoblasts (bone producing cells) only separated from the bony islands by a narrow and pink zone. This zone is the osteoid produced by the osteoblasts (osteoid = unmineralized bone tissue)


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