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*1380s*The Ottomans became the most powerful people on the Balkan peninsula

The Ottoman empire lasted from the 13th century until 1923

The Ottomans reestablished rule in their realm after Tamerlane's death.

*1350s*Established a foothold across the Dardanelles at Gallipoli on the Balkan peninsula

*1440s*The ottomans regained their strength and began their advance into the Byzantine empire.

*1402*Tamerlane's forces crushed the Ottoman army, captured the sultan, and subjected the state to their authority.

The Ottomans' Conquests

The Ottomans seiged Constantinople 5 times before finally conquering it (1390, 1395, 1397, 1400, 1422)

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Important Ottoman Leaders: Osman I, Orkhan, Murad I. Led Expansion of the Empire

Ottomans had advantage in military expansion due to advanced technology and other countries’ disorganization



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