Oskar Schindler

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Jewish History

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Oskar Schindler

The Holocaust was one of the darkest events in all of history. Over 6 million Jews were killed. The Nazis were a political group, who ruled Germany at the time. They considered themselves to be superior to all other races. They were led by Adolf Hitler who adopted the Russian idea of concentration camps. They moved all the Jews that they could capture in Germany into these brutal camps. These camps were used to force the prisoners to work in mines, lumber camps, and other such jobs under brutal conditions. They were also used to mass murder them via toxic gas.

How He Did It

Oskar Schindler bought an armaments factory and employed Jewish workers from the prison camps. He used the factory as a refuge for the Jews and prevented the Nazis from harming them. The factory only produced one wagon full of good ammunition every about 8 months, which Schindler blamed on faults in the machinery and start-up problems.

Why He Was The Right Person For This

Oskar Schindler had enough money to buy Beverly Hills but he decided to save over 1000 Jews from the Nazis at great personal danger. He protected them and gave them respect as human beings that they had only recieved before the war.


The Holocaust

Why He Is A Hero

Oskar schindler was a multi-millionaire and was very popular with the Nazi officers. He was able to use these attributes to protect "his children", the Jews, however possible.

The opening of Schindler's factory

Prisoners in a concentration camp.


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