Oskar Schindler

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World War II

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Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindlers time through life

Oskar Schindler's opening of his first factory.

Oskar Schindler with his wife after the war

Schindlerjuden laying stones on Schindlers grave

Oskar Shindler and the jews he saved

The list of all the jews that Schindler saved

On April 28 1908 a child was born. This newborn baby’s name was Oskar Schindler. He grew up in Zwittau, Austria-Hungry where he was raised in a wealthy family. He then joined the Nazi party when he was 30 years old. This is when he became what we know as Oskar Schindler. When he was in the Nazi party, he helped save 1,200 Jews from being brutally killed in concentration camps. This is the story of Oskar Schindler. The way Schindler’s life started was just like many of us, growing up with a caring family. Growing up, his wealth let him have all the things that he wanted. As crazy as it might seem, Schindler was an early drinker, in addition he was a heavy gambler. When Schindler was 19, he married his only wife, Emilie Schindler. Even though he was happily married, in his past he exploited women. As soon he was able to get a job, he tried and tried to get a job until he left his 6th job. This is when he joined the Nazi party in 1939. At the age of 30, he already saw death and suffering. Schindler never knew that this is what the Nazis did, and this is how he changed. Schindler knew that the Nazis’ doing were morally wrong, so he wanted to change it. Schindler had to figure a way to help the Jews without getting caught. The way he did this was so clever that no one would figure out. Schindler ranked up, so he was able to work at factories for Jews. Once he had the Jews in his factory, he would give each Jew a small but expensive gift. At this time he only had a small amount of Jews in his factory. The way that Schindler saved the amount of Jews that he did was by whenever a Jew was not killed in the ghettos, he would bring them into his factory. Schindler was able to get away with this plan by making it seem as if he was taking the Jews in to be slaves, but really he took them in to be safe. What about all the Jews that were getting gassed? Before the Jews were about to be gassed, Schindler would ask the Nazi in charge if he could take them to work for him. Schindler had a name for all the Jews that he saved. They were called Schindlerjuden. From being at a high ranking and being wealthy while growing, he was able to spend his millions on saving the Jews. To keep the Jews safe, Schindler would buy a new warehouse every year. Unfortunately Schindler’s legacy could not go on forever. Oskar Schindler died Oskar Schindler eventually died of a heart attack at the age of 66 years old attack. Over his lifetime, he saved 1,200 Jews. Schindler did it all by himself, with help by his wife. When the war was over Schindler released the Jews. Before he let them go, he gave them a speech and three yards of fabric and vodka. “My children, you are saved…. Germany has lost the War” (“Louis Būlow”) is what he said during his speech. In return, the Jews created a ring that said “Whoever saves a life saved the world” (“Oskar Schindler-Short Bio”). After the war, he literally spent every penny of his money to save the Jews. After Schindler’s death, his factories still produced items. In 2010 once Schindler became recognized for what he did, his factory became a museum. As small as it might seem, Oskar Schindler saved over 1200 Jews from being killed in the concentration camps. During the war, Schindler employed the Jews to make it look like they were slaves. One thousand of the Jews were going to be slaves at factories but then they were taken over by Schindler to be registered workers. Oskar Schindler was a hero.

"who ever saves a life saves the world"

“I could have gotten one more person and I didn’t!”

Made By Jack Martinus

Emilie Schindler

Emilie schindler worked with Oskar saving 250 more jews from being killed. When saving them she was confronted by Nazis for stealing the Jews.She then persuaded them she was sending them to the factory.


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