[2015] Ann Robinson: Osgood Schlatter Disease

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[2015] Ann Robinson: Osgood Schlatter Disease

Osgood- Schlatter Disease

This inflammation usually effects children, as the tibial tuberosity is not fully fused to the tibia

Continued use would invariably result in a lot of pain, and probably muscle damage, although the condition will usually resolve itself once the tibial tuberosity fuses

The main symptom of this problem is knee pain, though the severity can differ greatly

The pain stems from a ligament bone connection between the tibial tuberosity, a slight bone elevation, and the patellar ligament, which attaches the quadriceps to the tibia

Inflammation coincides with periods of growth

Osgood Schlatter effects boys more than girls, due to higher participation in sports.

Osgood Schlatter can be caused by running, jumping, and swift changes in direction. Sports like soccer, and figure skating commonly produce this injury

Osgood- Schlatter disease is the inflammation of the patellar ligament of the tibia due to tight quadriceps as wells as underdeveloped bones. The disease manifests as a painful lump just under the kneecap.

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