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Oscar Wilde

The Life of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde married Constance when they were young and had two children. All seemed well and happy

At a premier of one of his plays, Oscar meets Bosie, a young man of wealth, and falls in love with him.

When Bosie's father, the Marquess of Queensbery, finds out about the affair, he writes a letter a leaves it at Oscar Wilde's club, outing him as being gay. Oscar, in turn, decides to sue the Marquess for libel. They go to court.

At his trial, the tables are turned on Oscar, and he goes from being the prosecutor to being the defendant. He is found guilty of gross acts of indecency.

Oscar is thrown in jail, ridden with disease and harsh conditions. After years in prison, he is finally released. He spends just a few more years in Paris until he dies.

His Works


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