Oscar Shindler

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Oscar Shindler

Shindler risked everything to save 1200 Jews. What he saw, he thought it was wrong and he wanted to do what he could to help. He would spend his money on them even if it meant he had to die penniless.

Oscar Shindler

Shindler risked everything justto save these peeople. He couldn't bare seeing people die, especailly the children. He wanted to help all of them, he would do anything just to help them. Shindler and his wife had a sanatorium within the factory; where there was medicine and food for his Jews. He thought what the Nazi's did was horrible.

Amon Goeth: You want these people?Shindler: These people. My People. I want my people.Goeth: Who are you? Moses? How much would you pay for a person?

Shindler bribed many of the Nazi officals with money onto keeping his Jews.

Oscar Shindler was apart of the Nazi Party. Shindler was born April 28th, 1908 in Zwittau, Czechoslovakia. Shindler married Emilie Shindler March 6, 1928. Shindler was known as a bad man, as an alcholoic and womanizer. Until World War II...


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