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Oscar Pistorious


He and his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp were happy, until one misfortunate night...

On Valentines night Pistorus thought he heard intruders. He was convinced they were hiding in his bathroom. So he shot through the door four times only to find out he had just killed Reeva.

This tragic flaw has led to his downfall. He wasn't charged with murder but he has been charged with mansluaghter, and could be facing more that 15 years in prison

Conclution:He started off as a hero, for the handicap community and a celebrity for South Africa. He did nothing more than try to protect his home and his girlfriend, but through hasty decision making and impulsiveness he killed his sweetheart and distoryed his life and status.

Man with no legs kills an unarmed woman

Known for being the first double amputee to ever to qualify for the olympics, Oscar Pistorus is a hero to not only handicapped people, but everyone who has been told they're limited to only so much,

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