Oscar Claude Monet

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Oscar Claude Monet

Water Lillies

Monet Sunflowers

Oscar-Claude Monet


Born in Paris, France on November 14 of 1840. Died on December 5 of 1926

Style of Art


Impression Sunrise

Haystack Morning Effect


Field Of Tulips

My Artist's Life

Claude Monet was an Impressionist painter, which means that he painted the world the way he saw it. There were many things that influenced Claude Monet's painting, but I will just tell you a few very important things. When Camille died, who Monet was married to, he painted some of his most famous works in grief. Also, before she died, she put together an exibit that had some of Monet's work. Another person that I should mention is Eugene Boudin. He was the one who encouraged Monet to start painting in the first place.

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