[2015] Travis Reger: Orville Gibson

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[2015] Travis Reger: Orville Gibson

Orville Gibson totally changed the way they constructed stringed instruments across the world. By taking more untreated woods and putting them in seperate pieces, he ended up making a distinct sounding instrument that is the base for instruments today.

Altough Orville didn't go to school, he worked odd jobs clerking in a shoe store and restaurant while he had woodworking as a hobby. On February 1, 1898, Orville put a patent on his "improved mandolin". In 1902, his rapid success forced him to sell his patent to 5 businessmen for $2,500. The Gibson Mandolin - Guitar Co. was opened October 11, 1902.

Orville Gibson

Orville Gibson was born in1856 in New York. His dad was in the American Army and raised Orville by himself. His mother left before he got to know her very well. He later moved out and headed to Kalamazoo, Michigian.



Changing the world

His first "improved mandolin"

One of the newer mandolins


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