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Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card

Biography Orson Card was born on August 24,1951. He was born in Washington,but grew up in California, Arizona, and Utah. He currently lives in North Carolina. His wifes name is Kristine Allen Card. He is best known for Enders Game. Card also co-produced the movie Enders Game. He is the only author to win both the Science Fictions top U.S. prizes. Card started his career as a poet Orson writes a review colum for a newspaper. He is a English professer at Southern Virginia University. Orsonused to be a co-editor of the magazine Enzign. Orson is still writing books. Some of his books are Enders Game, Pathfinder, Ruins, And Visitors . One reason I like his books is that they are different from most other books. On his spare time he feeds the birds and squirrels. Another reason I like his books is that the turn of events are suprising. Also they are very interesting.

Book ListingsGate fatherAmericaThe FringePageant wagonSalvageVisitorsWestKeeper of DreamsEnders game aliveIntergalagtic medicine showThe ender quintetThe shadow quintetThe gate thiefRuinsSilent strikePathfinderAnd many, many more...

7 InterestingsFacts1) His birth sign is a Virgo.2) he is 63 yrs old.3) He has five children4) His children were named after his faveorite authors.5)His dad is a teacher.6)Card is a judge for the writers of the future contest.7)His grandfather produced a movie.


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