Orphan Trains

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Orphan Trains

Orphan Trainsby Raquel and Nick

 IntroTwenty-five kids are standing in a line in fine outfits. Orphans boarding a train to the west trying to find a loving, new family and a home. The strict caretaker yelled at an orphan to”GET IN THE TRAIN!” All the sacrifice for a new beginning. Some didn’t even achieve that goal! The Beginning The Orphan Trains was an organization that transported orphans west to find a new home. It all started when Charles Loring Brace got an idea that would change orphans’ lives forever. Charles was the founder of The Childrens’ Aid Society. Before the Orphan Trains a lot of orphans were on the street. Thirty-thousand orphans rode these trains over many decades. Sometimes, their parents were poor and were judged as a bad influence to the children. They were forced to give up their kids even if they had full custody over their children. Imagine if you had to be pulled away from your parents and forced on some train to live a new life. And the orphans didn’t even know where they were GOING!

Charles Loring Brace

A New FamilyKids that were adopted got new families in the west. But some of the parents weren’t even parents at all! They were forced to be farm hands or servants in the house. They made the orphans eat fish bones and nasty stuff like that. Can you believe it? Some orphans weren’t even adopted! Others were given new opportunities and a new and happy life. But if you were older and a teenager, sometimes you get would get paid for your labor. Thats like getting paid for your chores. But instead of doing it for your house ( which is already hard)you would have to do it for the whole farm! …Or NotAs we’ve been saying some orphans weren’t adopted. And were sent to farms for labor. They were given NO love. They were only supplied with food and shelter. I’d hate to have to work all day. Like a slave. In the hot sun. Aw man even thinking about it makes me tired! And they’d have to work until they were 18!!!!! Life must’ve been HARD!!!Just think about how YOU would feel. Taken away to do labor! Working all day! NO BREAKS!!! You would be miserable!

It changed our historyThe orphan trains were an important part of our history. “Just think about how many of us would not be here today… if it weren’t for The Orphan Trains’’ Lushion Leparry Son of an orphan train rider.But others weren’t as happy. “After my mother rode the trains, she never saw her family again.” -Mary McClaine Daughter of an Orphan Train rider Even though some pairings weren’t happy, I think we can all say the orphan trains impacted the westward expansion tremendously by getting orphans off the street. But it’s your opinion that counts, so please think about it.

Orphan Trains Fun Facts!-Orphans didn’t even know where they were going!-Before the trains, orphans were taken away from parents even if they weren’t real orphans! They were taken if the parents were addicted to alcohol, drugs or even poor!-The first train took off on September 20, 1854 with 46 10-12 year old orphans- In the beginning of the orphan trains people would send letters saying what “features” they would want in their child. The orphan that fit those descriptions were chosen to ride on the train.


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