Origins of the War of 1812

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Origins of the War of 1812

Violation of NeutralityDuring the late 1700s and early 1800s the British and France started going to war with each other. Somewhere in between the American ships where the British impressed all sails people. Then the British made the Americans work for them in the war. America banned the trade with British and France but smugglers went anyway. The British also stole the supplies off the American ships.

Main IdeaChallenges at home and abroad led the US to declare war on Great Britian

Chapter 8 Section 3

Non-Intercourse ActIn 1809 Congress decided the Embargo Act wasn't going to cut it they needed a new plan that didn't hurt the Us. This plan was so that American's would trade only with the side that stopped violating the neutrality of the Us. Sadly this law was no more successful than the initial Embargo Act.

USS Constitution- a large warshipImmpressment- the practice of forcing people to serve in the army or navyEmbargo- a banning of tradeEmbargo Act- a law that banned trade with all foreign countiresNonintercourse Act- a law that banned trade only with France, Britian, their colonies.Battle of Tippecanoe- where US forces defeated TehcumsehWar Hawks- several young members of Congress that wanted to fight Great Britian

USS Constitution

The Embargo ActBecause the British wouldn't leave the Americans alone Thomas Jefferson banned all trade with Great Britian. After they found out this didn't work Thomas Jefferson passed the Embargo Act. This act banned all trade with all foriegn countries.This meant no American ships can leave and no British ships could come. This harmed many American merchants but Jefferson hoped it would harm the British as well rather soon. The embargo very much damaged Jefferson's popularity.

Tecumseh Resists Us SettlersIn the early 1800's Tehcumseh was one of the Native American chiefs that angrily fought the Treaty of Greenville. Tecumseh was a brilliant and after seeing many Native Americans being pushed off their land hewarned others about the dangers they faced from the settlers. Tecumseh founded a town with his brother called Prophetstown to gain followers to revolt against the Americans.

The Conflict Over LandIn the early 1800's thousands of settlers poured into the Native American teritory. The Us gained this land from the Treaty of Greenville but many Indian leadrers did not agree to it. Those against it fough and got very frustrated. The British started to suppy the Indians with weapons and this worried the settlers very muchh

The Battle of TippecanoeWillian Harrison was shocked when he discovered Tecumseh's recent activities. Immidiatly Harrison knew that the British were helping Tecumseh. He also knew Tecumseh was a serious threat to the Us. Harrison tried to get Tecumseh to sign the Treaty of Greenville. After Tecumseh refused Harrison threatened Tecumseh not to resist the power of the Us. When Tecumseh went to Creek nation to recruit more poeple Harrison attacked Prohetstown and burned it to the ground.

The War HawksThe War Hawks were a group of young congressmen that wanted to go to war with Great Britian. They were mostly lead my Henry Clay. The War Hawks wanted to also invade Canada to gain more land. Mostly they wanted to end Great Britian bullying us.

The OppositoinThe New England Federalists were the strongest opponents of the War Hawks. They wanted to be friends with Britian again and continue frienly trading with them again. Most of all they didn't want to fight a war with Great Britian.

Declaring WarJames Madison was elected president in 1808. He had to deal with all that Jefferson left for him... which was a lot. He decided that Congress must vote on how the nation should respond to war. A few days later after the vote the War Hawks had won. This meant war with Great Britian.


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