Origins of life

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Evolutionary Biology

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Origins of life

Origins of Life

RadioactiveDatingused to date certain materials such as rocks and carbon

Relative Datingis the study of the order of past events.

An index fossil is used to define and also identify geological periods of time on Earth.

Half Lifethe amount of time required for a quantity to fall half of its value as measured in the begining of its time.





-Dinosaurs appeard-First mammals-Forests appeared-First birds started-Volcanic activity

-Biggest mass extincionever recorded-6 main continents form-Winged insects-First vertabrates appear

-Major extincionof large animals-Most recent era-65 million years long-Mammals dominant theEarth-Humans began

-The Earth formed-Tectonic plates started-Atmosphere with oxegen-Life began to happen

Charles Darwin: Theory of Evolution and Natural SelectionLife has come from a common ancestor. Development from descent with modification. Overtime, the genetic code changes and adapts to better fit the life sustainable. Natural Selection: More dominant traits would prosper over weaker traits

BiopoiesisThe development of living matter from nonliving matter, evolutionary process.

Earth's Early Atmosphere

Formed around 4.5 millionyears ago, had basicallyno atmosphere. The surface was made of molten, and gas from volcanoes. Had hydrogen sulfide and methane.


Panspermia is the theory that life can be introduced to a planet via astroid or other transpotation methods.

Miller and Urey experiment

Miller and Urey believed that organic compounds were created by weather so they "duplicated" the conditions and it produced organic compounds.


The original organisms that are believed to have been created on earth due to organic compounds.

Rna to Dna

Rna and Dna work together today but prehistoric Rna is believed to preceed Dna.

Endosymbiotic Theory

The theory that describes the transformation between Eukaryotic cells to Prokaryotic.


Adaptive Radiation


Convergent Evolution

Punctuated Equilibrium

The complete disapearance of a species forever.

The rapid diversifying of a species to to a newly occuring entity.

The occurance of 2 independant species devoloping similar traits.

When a specie's genetic makeup affects another specie's evolutionary pattern.

A species that shows obvious signs of little evolution in thier history.


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