Orgins of life

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Orgins of life

Origins of Life

McKenna Petack

EARTH'S EARLY HISTORYPanspermia is the theory that all life on Earth came from outer space. Biopoiesis is the process by which living organisms are thought to develop from nonliving matter, and the basis of a theory on the origin of life on Earth. Earth's early atmosphere had no oxygen. The Miller and Urey experiment was a chemical experiment that simulated the conditions thought at the time to be present on the early Earth. Protobionts are spherical collections of lipids proposed as a stepping-stone to the origin of life that self assemble. It is believed RNA came before DNA but now DNA is seen as the stronger substance. The endosymbiotic theory is an evolutionary theory which explains the origin of eukaryotic cells from prokaryotes.

Geological Time Scale:Precambrian-4.5 billion years ago, 90% of Earth's historyPaleozoic-breakup of one supercontinent and the formation of another, plants became widespread and the first vertebrate animals came to landMesozoic- 252 to 66 million years ago, time of reptiles and dinosaursCenozoic-65 million years ago, time of mammals

RELATIVE DATING AND RADIOACTIVE DECAYRelative dating is the science of determining the relative order of past events. Radioactive decay is a technique used to date materials such as rocks or carbon. An index fossil is the remains of an organism that can determine a fossils age by which layer of the Earth it was found. A half life is how quickly a fossil decayed and can help determine a fossils age by finding out how many half lives the fossil went through.

Patterns of Evolution:Extinction is when a complete species is whiped out. Adaptive radiation is a process in which organisms diversify rapidly into a multitude of new forms. Convergent evolution is when nearby organisms pick up each others traits. Coevolution is is "the change of a biological object triggered by the change of a related object." Punctuated equilibrium is a theory in evolutionary biology which proposes that once formed most species will exhibit little net evolutionary change for most of their geological history.


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