Organs that relate to the city

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Organs that relate to the city

The capital of the city represents the nucleus because, like the nucleus,the capital regulates all the public activities.

The city council organizes events for the city. The centrioles organizes the microtubules during cell division.

Rough endoplasmic reticulum represent factorys because it produces proteins. It manufactures, processes, and transports chemicals.

Security guards monitor people at public events in the city, and the cell membrane regulates the passage of molecules in and out of the cells.

This power plant represents the mitochondria because it powers the city. The mitochondria is the main power generators.

Like lakes and rivers that surround cities,cytoplasm is the watery substance that fills inside the cell.

Organelles that relate to the city

Like gargage companies take care of the waste from the cities, the lysosomes break down cellular waste products.

The U.S. postal service takes care of all the shipping and mailing in large cities. The golgi apparatus is the shipping department for the cell.

The Vacule stores enzymes and waste just like the stoage garages store items in the city.

The law enforcment protects the citizens of the city just like the cell wall protects the plant cell.


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