Organs of the Respiratory System

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Human Anatomy

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Organs of the Respiratory System

Better than Florida Respitaory Tour!

Let's see the different fucntions of our respiratory system!

The Nasal Cavity allowsoxygen to be brought intothe body through the nose

The oral cavity has the same function as the nasal cavity, but instead of being the nose its the mouth

The pharynx is your throat.It allows the oxygen to traveldown into lungs and foods to be taken to stomach

The Larynx is considered to bethe vocal cords. In other hands, itis what allows you to talk and make noise

The bronchus allows the airto travel into the lungs

The Trachea or your windpipeallows air to pass throughthe throat and into the thorax

The bronchi allows air to be carried from the trachea into the lungs

The left lung allowsfor the air to dissipateinto the sides of the lungs to be transferred into bloodstream

The right lung allows oxygen to be diffusedinto the bloodstream

The Diaphragm seperatesthe chest from the abdomen

The Parietal Pleura isa liquid filled membranethat allows the surfaces of the visceral and parietal pleurae toeasily glide over each other

You inhale and exhaleat least 20 times a minute. You need oxygen to live. Why would this be important?YOU NEED OXYGEN! It is very importantand without this system, you would not behere taking this grand tour in the first place.

Why is the respiratory system important?

Here are some terms you may want to know as you journey the system.

Oxygen Debt- If you do alot of physcial activityyou may require more oxygen than you produceAnerobic Respiration- a form of intracellular breakdownof sugar and other compounds in the absence of oxygenExhalation- Breathing out...CO2 leaving bodyVital Capacity- The amount of air you can exhale Epiglottis- allows air to pass enter lungsCPR- emergency procedure to restart heart by artificalpumping on the chestCilia- hairlike organelles in the lungs

The Alveoli allows gassesto be diffused into the lungs.Oxygen diffuses into the walls and is then pumped into the blood stream.

Watch this video to get an idea on how the system works

How is our breathingrate controlled?

Our breathing rate is controlledbecause the medulla oblongata measures and checks the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxideand if it is below or above averageit is corrected as needed

How do the ribs and diaphragm affect breathing

When you breathe in the ribs allow the lungs to grow to full capacity as much as they can. The diaphragm allows the lungs to grow larger and smaller as it contracts the diaphragm or enlargens it depending on whether you exhale or inhale

What happens inbetween the alveoli and the capillaries? Listen Closely!

Your alveoli and the capillaries are an imporant combination in this system. They are the parts that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide to be exhaled. Without this we wouldn't have a way to get rid of the carbon dioxide we breath in and need to remove from our bodies.

So come join us! You will breathe in a breath of fresh air on this adventure! Literally! Learn new things! Prepare for the adventure of your life time. *WARNING* "Going on this tour may cause you to lose your breath, so brace yourself for the extraordinary!"

Only costs everything you have ever owned and then some. We are not liable for any passing out.


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