Organ and Body Donations

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Organ and Body Donations



Who is affected by organ donation? Organ doanation affects many people, in different ways. If you are in needed of a new oragan you can be given one from somebody who has the same match as you. You can also donate an organ to save up to 8 lives! Therefore organ donation can affect the people who are reciving the doanation or the people who are giving it.

Organ Donation is removing a healthy organ from someone and giving it to someone who needs it more. Although the organ must be the perfect match it gives hope to many people who are in need of it.

A StORY FROM A ORGAN DONOR-My aunt Dinette- What organ did you recive and from who? I recived a new right kidney, from my uncle who was my perfect match. He still is living and is very healthy with his one kidney. How long did you wait to get this organ? I was not on a waiting list for a kidney because I got mine from a relative. We just had to go through all the testing to make sure we were a match, I can't remember how long that took.Why did you need this organ, and how important was it for you to get the organ?I needed a new kidney because I was born with only one and the other one was slowly failing, we don't know why. Without a new kidney I would have been on dialysis which is not much fun, you can't really have a normal life because you spend a lot of time on the dialysis machine.Without a new kidney we would not have had Kara and Kate. (my cousins)

What can be done?To find out what you can do to be a donor. Learn about it online or talk to someone you know who have been a donor or who have a had recived a organ donation. Go to to learn more. "This is a gift anyone can give. It has no cost, and it can be temnously powerful." ~Unknown

Donating organs is a big issue for Canadains everywhere. Of course when technology was not as advanced we could not do transplants, but ever since it was many Canadians and people all over the world have been saved. The first acomplished transplant was done in 1954 when a kidney was transplanted. Since then over 24 000 people a year have been saved beacause of a new organ.

I can make a difference by donating an organ myself right now! I just would have to get my parents signature. However I would like to have kids when I am older, so it can be hard to that with one kindey, etc. But God willing I will be able to donate my organs when I die. Right now I can raise awarness and teach people about donating their organs.

Organ donation is so important, because there is so many people who don't get any organ donation in time and end up dying.

Organ donation is prevalant in all ages of the human life cycle, however from age 65+ is the most common age to get an organ donation. The total number of living people from organ donations in 2014 is 799. For ages 1-5 there are a total of 86 living.


I can eduacate people about organ donation, just through talking and educating them and teching them why it is important to donate organs. You can also raise awarness by starting off small and donating blood.



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