Oregon Trail

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Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

Map Of The Trail

April 1852We started out in Independce, Missour. We are going Wilamette Valley. That is 2,000 miles away. I have 3 oxan, and 2 horses, and 1 donkey. We sold our farm and bought a covered wagon for the trip out west. The grass was 6 inches tall atleast to feed our animals. Many people died today. Their was so people that were sick. I have no husband or childern. So today we made 16 miles. i drove my covered wagon. my extra oxan and horses and, my donkey followed behind. I brought a long a gun and some ammo. The journey was 6 to 7 months. When we got ready to settle camp We made a circle with the wagons. i fed and watered my animals then helped the other girls cook supper. Im tired now im going to bed.

July 4, 1852Today is The 4th of July. We finally made it to Indepence Rock. We decided to have a party. We made some bacon, and some bison meat. We made the fire with buffalo chips, and kindling. We had a picnic and danced. Other families and I wrote our names on the Rock. We had a problem on the trail right before we left. My tire on my cover wagon broke. There is a capenter on the trip so he offered to fix it. It was very hot outside. The tire has been fixed so we moved on. Then we decided to stay he for a night because the animals were tired. We made a circle out of the coverd wagons. I feed my animals and went to bed.