Oregon Trail

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Oregon Trail

April 9, 1840Today is the day my family and I make our journey to Willametter Oregon. We are traveling this long ways for a new start. We are hoping to find more land and to make more money. My daddy only brought the necessities with us. His friend told him to back light. We have spare wagon wheels and cover sheets. My mother fears of disease and snakes. My father has only one worry and that is the Native Americans.

Chimney rock was very imporant because to the travelers it looked like a thumb pointed upwards in the sky.

Independence rock.This told the travelers that if they were there by the 4th of July they were on time.

July 3, 1840We have reached Independence Rock. People have told us that if we reach this by July 4th, we are on time. We won't get stuck in a bad winter. It is so hard to be happy with this news because so many people have died. They've died from diseases like the small pox and cholera, others have died from falling off of wagons and getting ran over. I hope my family stays clear of dangers.

The Oregon Trail1836-1870

At night, the people would circle up their wagons. Many people thought it was to protect them from intruders, which may be partially true, but they mainly did this to keep their live stock safe and rounded up.

Because of diseases and accidents, many people died on the Oregon Trail.


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