Oregon Trail

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Oregon Trail

Oregon TrailJournal #1May 2nd, 1843

Oregon TrailJournal #2July 12, 1843

Im setting off to the Oregon Trail. I know there are major dangers out there like animals, poison plants, and Indians but I believe I can make it back alive. I plan to take a wagon to the Rocky Mountains then settle on foot just to keep it safe I dont know what is beyond that point. I packed up some aluminum plates and silverware, some cards, clothes,weapons, and some food.I have 3 friends traveling with me on my 2000 mile trip. One speaks some languages of the Natives so I hope we can get help surviving from them.

We arrived at Independence Rock today at around 4 a.m. I can tell people were here already because I can see their names carved in the stones. I carved my name in it at the bottom. We stopped at a couple of tribes but they didnt want to help so we just kept settling west. We covered 1000 miles already and we are half way there so I know we can make it, we are in perfect condition. I cant wait to get to the Gold.

Oregon Trail

Sir James Douglas was a company fur-trader and a British colonial governor on Vancouver Island.At the age of sixteen Douglas left Britain to enter the fur trade in the employ of the North West Company. He left Liverpool for Lachine, Lower Canada in the spring of 1819. From 1819 until 1820 Douglas was stationed at the Fort William, Ontario as a clerk. In 1820 he was transferred to Île-à-la-Crosse on the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan.