Oregon Trail- CAMRYN

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Oregon Trail- CAMRYN

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon TrailBy: Camryn GalbraithApril 7th, 1844 Place: Independence My family and I left Independence to join a wagon train that has more than 100 wagons. Most of the families are heading west to look for land. When we started to go, the trails looked like a double set of wagon tracks across the prairie.April 9th, 1844 Place: Leavenworth My family and I stopped at Fort Leavenworth to get some food, water and clothes.April 15th, 1844 Place: Fort Kearny My family and I were scared last night because of the terrible thunderstorm. We were glad that we are at Fort Kearny.May 1st, 1844 Place: Fort Laramie My family and I have been following the North Platte River ever since we left Fort Kearny. We have seen rattle snakes and very few trees. The land is so hot and dusty.May 14th, 1844 Place: Independence Rock Seven people have already died like my older brother’s best friend’s dad. Tomorrow, we will start our climb across the Rocky Mountains. We will take the south path to Fort Bridger.June 3rd, 1844 Place: Fort Bridger Before we crossed the peak, we butchered our weakest oxen. Some days, we only traveled 5 miles. We really stocked up on our supplies here.June 10th, 1844 Place: Fort Hall My family and I saw a few snowflakes in the sky. We are glad that there is no snow on the ground. The soil is so rock, sandy, & dry.June 25th, 1844 Place: Fort Boise We made camp tonight and tomorrow we will cross the Snake River.July 4th, 1844 Place: Whitman Mission We celebrated the 4th of July and we fired some fireworks. My Ma and Pa are complaining about paying high prices for teeny-tiny vegetables and some flour.July 15th, 1844 Place: Fort WallaWalla My family and I just spent the night at Fort WallaWalla.August 15th, 1844 Place: The Dales I am sorry for not writing in my diary. We have been exhausted crossing the Blue Mountains. We had to butcher our pony to have some food. Tomorrow we will put our wagon and our 2 last oxen in the boat. It will be a hard journey because the Columbia River is rough and full of rapids.September 7th, 1844 My family and I just arrived at Fort Vancouver. We will sleep there for three or five days. Then we find our families land, build our home and farm the land. Out of more than 100 wagons, only 75 made it. We lost 50 people on the trail. Our family was lucky, we all made it.


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