[2015] Alice Tang: Oregon Trail

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Social Studies

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[2015] Alice Tang: Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

Many people moved west on the Oregon Trail because they wanted land or a new start. Some people moved because the east coast was getting to crowded and some people wanted to move. Another reason why they moved was that the land they lived in, the soil was rocky and not rich enough to plant things in.Thats why many people ended up plowing the fields as a farmer when they got to Oregon. During this time the industrey were taking over around the east coast so many wantede to move over to Oregon.

Context of the Move

Oregon Trail

The Route They Took

The risks of being a farmer were that you could suffer when there was a drought and all your crops died. You could become unrich and regret that you moved. The good thing is that when the weather is good for harvesting crops, the farmer has an advantage with all his crops he could sell them or feed them to his family. If he does sell them, he could earn alot of money depending on them.

Risks and Benefits


If you were a farmer moving about 2000 miles today, you would have to pack your things, buy land, and drive away. It would have taken the farmer about 5 days to get to his destination, not a very long time isn't it. It was way different back on the Oregon Trail a moving farmer wasn't a easy job to be. Well moving in the first place was already hard, so a moving farmer is even harder. The farmer first had to sell his land then prepare for the long journey which usaully took around 5 months. Next was the most difficult task... getting to the new land. On the way many people died or became very ill. Once they reached Oregon City they had to get to work right away. Plow the fields, clear the land, plant the crops, and many more. So you see, moving was very different today then back on the Oregon Trail.

The Destination

Moving Today

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The destination of the Oregon Trail was commonly Oregon City. Though some went over to California to collect gold from the Gold Rush. The starting point was at Independence Missouri. Some left the wagon train along the journey to get to different destinations. The entire journey would usaully take 5-6 months long for people to reach the location they wanted to get to.



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