Order of Operations

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Order of Operations

Oh, Oh, Oh,What you need to know, the 3 O's -Order Of Operations is a rule for the proper order to use when solving an equation

Glog by: Brady M

It has 6 parts but only 4 steps and you can remember it by using this saying: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt SallyP= ParenthesesE= exponentsM= MultiplicationD = DivisionA = AdditionS= Substraction

Complete the addition and subtraction in the order it appears from left to right

complete multiplication and division in the order it appears from left to right

Step 1 - Parentheses(please)

Step 3 - Multiplication & Division(My Dear)

Step 2 = Exponents (Excuse)

complete all exponents second

Do the problems in the parentheses first!

Is Awesome

Step 4 - Addition & Subtraction(Aunt Sally)

(10+2) x (5-3) = 24


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