Order of Operations

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Algebra I

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Order of Operations

PEMDAS: P- Parenthese E- Exponents M- Multiply D- Divide A- Add S- SubtractPlease Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Order of Operations

Examples2+5x3 2+15 (Multiplication)17 (Addition) 20/5+10-24+10-2 (Division)14-2 (Addition)12 (Subtraction)18/6+5x103+50 (Division and Multiplication)53 (Addition)

Order of OperationsThese are rules that describe what order we do math expressions in. This way we get the same answer for the same problems.

When using PEMDAS and there is only addition and subtraction left, use the left to right rule. Same goes for multiplication and division


Real Life ExampleBen gets $10.00 for allowence in October. Next month, he gets double what he got in October. He gets $2.00 for extra chores.Then Ben gets $5.00 taken away. How much money does he have now?10x2+2-520+2-5 (Multiplication)22-5 (Addition)17 (Subtraction)


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