Order of Operations

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Order of Operations

Helpful Linkshttp://www.mangahigh.com/en_us/games/bidmasblaster http://www.math-play.com/Order-of-Operations-Millionaire/order-of-operations-millionaire.htmlhttp://www.freemathhelp.com/order-of-operations.html

Rules for Order of Operations*Remember that we cannot simply solve the equation by going left to right. Use the Following Steps:1. Parentheses and other grouping symbols2. Exponets3. Multiplication and Division from left to right4. Addition and Subtraction from left to right

Order of Operations

Example:Incorrect Correct2+3x4= 2+3x4= 5x4= 2+12= 20 14

*These links will allow you to practice applying the order of operation rules by playing games, as well as provide you with more explanation and examples.

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Summary*Remember that in order to get the correct answer you must follow the steps.*If there are more than one pair of parentheses/brackets, make sure you work from the inside to the outside. *Simplify all Exponents before multiplying/dividing or adding/subtracting.*When multiplying/dividing and adding/subtracting make sure you work from the left to the right. *When you have finished solving the equation, check to ensure you have followed the steps in the correct order.


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