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Orchard Park CSD

Revised Technology PlanBy: Lauren Postula

Time Line

Increase Professional Development

Many of the subjects do not have the proper tools that are required to incorporate certain technology.

There is not a particular leader that has come forth who deals with the new technology in the district. Having more support staff could greatly benefit the district

Substituting programs for cheaper options to save money elsewhere.Apply to State and Federal grantsFundraising! - Get the students involvedTexas Instrument Grants

The district needs to make short term goals that are acheivable in order to have the most success. In addition to this, keep the plan up to date!

Orchard Park lacks the necessary PD sessions for teachers. Many are not required to stay current with recent trends.

Spread out the technology within the school

Hiring the proper technology supports

Staying up to date on the technology plan

Where is this coming from?

Orchard Park CSD


Click Here for the Tech Plan!


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