orbital powerplant kevin.conkling

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orbital powerplant kevin.conkling

Orbital Power Plant

During time people have thought that global warming will end the world.Some soultions are like orbital power plant which is they make little glasses and send them into space and it goes in front of the sun. The sun beam goes through the glass and make electricity that is stored into a microwave. The microwave sends the electricity into the city making the city have electricity.

The problem is that the sun is to hot for us and we need to find a different way to get power so thats why we send the plants up to space.

The solution is to send lenses up to space and put it in front of the sun and the lenses turn the sun heat into electricity. Sends the electricity into the microwave and turns everything into electricity.

Orbital power plant is to expensive for us to build and the whole idea is very expensive. Still i think that this idea is the best one, to prepare just in case global warming will come. We have the lenses, beam, microwave, wires, and the cords to the city

I will test the wires by seeing if they can hold the lenses together. I will test the power cord by making sure that electricity can go through. I will test the lenses by seeing if they can turn the sun beam to electricity. I will see if the beam works by testing it five times. I will test the microwave the same as the beam.



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