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Environmental Studies

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Orangutans are mammals

Orangutans do not have tails.


Orangutans arms are 30% longer than their legs.

"For every orangutan captured, 10 others die."s

Orangutans do not eat the peels of fruit that they eat but they do eat the seeds. Then, the seeds come out in their feces and new plants grow.

Orangutans eat mainly a diet for a herbaviore, but in reality, orangutans stomaches are designed to be carnivores.

Orangutans have little interaction with each other, even when they are feeding from the same tree.

Orangutans communicate visually through a series of movements that looks like charades.

Orangutans are not monkeys

Orangtuans spend 6-8 hours a day searching for food.

Orangutans are the largest animals that spend most of their time in trees.

Orangutans are the only great apes native to Asia.


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