[2013] cassidy mica: Oranges

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[2013] cassidy mica: Oranges

Nutritional Information-There are about 85 calories in every orange!-Oranges contain 21 grams of carbohydtates!-Oranges contain 4 grams of dietary fiber!-Oranges have NO FAT!!All in all, oranges are a good part of your diet :)

All About Oranges -A citrus fruit that is orange in color and shaped like a globe. -An orange has a thick outer rind that must be peeled off before the actual fruit is eaten.


Oranges should be stored at a cool room temperature for a few days, then refrigerated.

Oranges can be preserved by freezing, drying,, canning, and making jellies.

Health Benefits-Help Prevent Cancer-Prevent Kidney Disease-Reduce Risk of Liver Cancer-Lowers Cholesterol-Boosts Heart Health-Helps Fight Viral Infections-Relieves Constipation-Protects Skin

-Oranges can be bought fresh and canned!-They are grown in Brazil, U.S., China, India, and Mexico-Their Peak Season is December through February and March

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, many of the B vitamins, and vitamin E!

When buying oranges, look for: fruit that are heavy for their size with bright, colorful skin. Aviod: Bruised or wrinkled, discolored skin


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