Orange Bellied Parrot

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Orange Bellied Parrot

Orange-Bellied Parrot

Animal's Description:It is a Parrot.Has prominent two-tone blue front, green-blue uppertail, and orange patch on belly.(''bird'slife'')Around 22-25 cm. It has a very distinct voice from any other parrot species.Only migrates at the night.(''relivearth'')

Food Chain and Habitat:Their diet consists of seed and berries from shrubs and coastal grasses.(''wikipedia'') It is a herbivore. Does not hunt other animals. Although it gets hunted by foxes and cats. (''birdslife'')They are located at the coasts of Victoria & South Australia. Their habitat has many dense tea trees and thick dense coastal shrubs.(''dse'') It tends to be warmer and humid. They live in shrubs and trees.(''dse'')

Adaptations:To protect this animal a feeding habitat has been reserved and being managed. Breeding, migration, and winter counts are made each year. Also a captive breeding programme has been established.(''birdslife'') Has bright blue wings. They have a very distinctive call when alarmed.(''bird'')

Reasons for Endangerment:One of the primary reason for endangerment is fragmentation and degradtion of habitat. Another reason would be that because of competition of other seed eating creatures winter food avalibility is getting smaller. Predators such as the fox have been inflicting the problem as well. There are also many deaths from bad weather.(''birdslife'')

PLEASE DONATE:Please take one moment out of your day and help this beautiful, adorable creature have another chance in life. Currently this little fellow is critically endangered, and LESS than 50 parrots are in this world.(''birdslife'') All proceeds will go to our feeding and breeding sanctuary in Victoria.(Endangered Animal Foundation.) Every penny counts...................

Please Donate to this helpless little fellow. She really needs your help.....


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