Oral Presentation Skills DUE 1012

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Oral Communication

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Oral Presentation Skills DUE 1012

Oral presentationskills

The presenter takes their place. Applause! Anticipation! The speaker fiddles around with the computer and then... their first slide! Oh, no, bullet points! Text, text and more text follows as the presenter drones on, slowly driving a lethal stake into their lecture, and the audience. Disappointed and bored to tears, they surreptitiously begin to slide out their phones and log into Facebook.

•Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself.•Good morning everyone, I'd like to start by introducing myself. My name is... I am a student at the INT where I am a doctoral candidate,•I am X. Y. from 3 Com. I'm the manager of…•I am a researcher from …•I've been working on the subject now for X years..and I've had wide experience in the field of ...•Good morning, my name is Lawrence Couderc. I am a student at the PKB and I would like to talk to you today about some of my findings in I study I did on......

Good morning everyone. My name is Sarah Benson. I am one of the Polytechnic’s counsellors. Today I’d like to talk to you about group discussions, which in an accident context, are usually known as ‘seminars’ and ‘tutorials’.I want first of all to deal with the meaning of these terms, then I want to cover the aims of group discussions: next I’ll go on to look at some problems that learners of English are likely to experience in work of this kind; and finally I’d like to offer a few pieces of advice.


How to Give the Best Presentation You Possibly Can

•My purpose in doing this paper is to give you a solid background on the subject of oral presentation so that in the future, at the INT or elsewhere you can deliver a successful speech in front of a group.•What I would like to do today is to explain...•to illustrate...•to give a general overview of...•to outline...•to have a look at...•What I want my listeners to get out of myspeech is...

•I plan to speak about...•Today I'm going to talk about...•The subject of my presentation is...•The theme of my talk is... I've beenasked to talk to you about...

Some good tips:

Stick with what you know well•Make your talk instructional•Have your talk unfold logically•Include a 'star' moment that drives home your main point•Practice your talk and learn your talk well•Time your talk•Tell great stories to make points•Try not to cover too much material•Plan on giving your audience a road map about your talk at the start.

What exactly are you going to speak about?

Giving the objectives (purpose, aim, goals)


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