Oral Glucose

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Oral Glucose

Medication Names:Generic: Oral GlucoseTrade: InstaGlucose, Glutose, GlucoBurst Glucose Gel

Oral Glucose

Administration:-Follow local protocols, and call medical control if necessary.1. Apply tongue depressor on victim's tongue, apply the oral glucose in between the inside of the cheek, and the gums.

Lorena Bueno and Matther Abril

Medication Form:Gel, from a tube.

Indications:-An altered mental status-A history of diabetes controlled by medications, such as insulin-The ability to swallow

Dosage:One 15-gram tube or 1/3 of a 45-gram tube

Contraindication:Don't administer oral glucose to victims who are:-Unresponsive-Unable to swallow

Side Effects:There are no side effects if administered properly. Patients without a gag reflex may aspirate or the airway may become obstructed.


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