Oral Care And VAP

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Oral Care And VAP

• Ensure that your unit has written practice documents such as a policy, procedure or standard of care that describes the oral care procedure. • Document frequency of oral care differentiating between comprehensive oral care (including brushing) and oral cavity moisturizing. • Include the oral care procedure as part of unit orientation to ensure consistency of care (AACN, 2010)

1. Wash Hands ' Apply Gloves2. Assess oral cavity Q8 hours (Oral Health Assessment Tool)3. Suction the mouth to remove excess secretions4. Brush teeth 3-4 min. w/CHX 5. Clean Tongue ' Cheeks w/CHX 6. Suction subglottic secretions7. Moisturize lips and oral mucosa 8. Apply Lip Balm to Lips(Booker, 2013)

Did you know?Within 48 hours of admission to an ICU, patients have changes in the oral flora, which predominantly include gram-negative and other virulent organisms. (Sedwick, 2012).

QSEN Group 13Oral Care ' VAP

Caution*Organisms dislodged from dental plaque during toothbrushing might increase risk of health care-aquired infections if they are aspirated (VAP) or translocated into the blood streeam (Sepsis) (Munro, 2014).

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Oral CareStep by Step

1. In the mid-1990s, the incidence of VAP was which of the following?(a) 10-15% (b) 25-30% (c) 30-40% (d) 40-50%2. How many different types of microorganisms are harbored by the oral cavity?(a) 700-1000 (b) 500-800 (c) 200-400 (d) 25-100Answer: 1. (b); 2 (a)

Test Your Knowledge

Recipe for Success! Teethbrushing 2x/day 0.12% ChlorhexidineGluconate 4x/day Pharyngeal SuctionPrior to RepositioningResulted in 50% in VAP50% in cost of preventing and treating VAP (Cutler, 2014)

Did you know? for every 15 people on ventilators in intensive care, the use of oral hygiene care including chlorhexidine will prevent one person developing VAP. (Shi, 2013)


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