OPVL Primary Source Analysis GLOG

by rjewellikns
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Social Studies
World History

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OPVL Primary Source Analysis GLOG

Origin Purpose Value Limitation

Primary Source Analysis


The Origin answers the very simple: Who, What, When, Where questions of a Source . Who created the source? When did they write/make it? What type of source is it? (letter, diary, photo, film, etc)? Where was this made (USA? Nazi Germany? Medieval France?). The Purpose answers the Why was it made. This will change depending on the type of source it is. Was it made to inform? Was it made to expose someone/thing? Was it made to persuade someone?


The Value of a source: Looking at both the origin and purpose (the Who What When Where AND Why) what makes this source good? This will also depend on the What type of source it is. Beyond being a firsthand account, what makes it a valuable thing for people to study? The Limitation is the opposite: Looking at both the Origin and Purpose (the who, what, when, where, AND why) what make this source bad? Is it biased? Explain how? Does it leave out information? What Information? Does it give inaccurate information? What is (or might be) inaccurate?



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