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Must complete 3 academic years of full-time undergrad- in university. Then enter Optometry school and complete a 4-year optometry degree. To be completely successful and get a job, in Canada you must have 3 years of optometric work experience.



Optometrists handle with contact lenses on a regular basis. Contact lenses are thin, clear disks that shape the surface of the eye; these contacts have a concave shape. Contact lenses and eyeglasses have the same presciption and the same effects. Optometrists have surrounded by lenses everyday, which simply explains how they relate!Optometrists should be able to prescribe their patients the correct prescribion for their eyes in order to keep their patients happy and healthy with clear eye cite.

An optometrist is a doctor specialized in vision. These doctors analysis pateints for vision problems and conditions, check vision aids, provide vision therapy and prescibe medication for eye diseases.

How Optics relate to Optometry

Description of Career

Title: Science Optics Career Project

The future for Optometrists


The future is bright for Optometrists! This is because these doctors are surrounded by people and students are highly encouraged to study to become an optometrist.


Author: Tanesha Varatharajah

Check out the Optometrist Song !

Here's a video for the steps to become an Optometrist


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